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hp_icons's Journal

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Harry Potter Icons
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This community is the most popular Harry Potter Icons community on LiveJournal. These icons can be from the movie, from the books, video games, or your own fan art, as long as they have to do with Harry Potter. Follow the rules and have fun!

1) When posting more than three icons, please use the lj-cut tag. If you do not know what an LJ-Cut is, or how to use it, please see this tutorial.

2) No posting icon requests! This is not an icon request community, there are many of those throughout LiveJournal. If you post an entry asking for an icon made, or looking for one in particular, and your post does not contain any icons you've made, then your post will be deleted. If you want to make a Harry Potter icon request, check out hp_requests.

3) All posts (excluding official maintainer’s announcements) must have at least THREE icons, preferably more. It clutters up people’s friends pages and is utterly pointless to post with only one or two icons. Have a little courtesy and wait until you can make a substantial icon post, it’s not that difficult. Instead of posting one icon every day, post seven all in one post at the end of the week.

4) You may not post icons made in Paint. Don’t think we can’t tell, because we can. We don’t like to do this, but most people who make icons in paint, have no desire to ever get better at them. If you do want to improve your icons or find out about other programs, you can find tutorials and information in our memories and user info, or you could go here: icon_tutorial.

5) No friends only banners. No headers. No mood themes. This is an icon community, please keep your posts icons-only.

6) An acceptable Icon is not one in which you’ve taken someone else’s finished base or textless icon and slapped your text on it. Take pride in your work, make your own icons from scratch using an uncropped screen cap or promotional photo. Again, if you don’t know how to do this, tutorials are available in our memories, or you could go here: icon_tutorial. The only exceptions to that are icons made for icontest communities in which a pre-assigned base is used.

7) We WILL NOT CONDONE actor bashing or extreme anti-ANYTHING icons or posts. If you have a problem with one of the actors, take it somewhere else. We will not be a host to an inter-fandom war. Anything found to be overly rude or derogatory may be deleted without warning if it is extreme enough, or a mild warning may be posted in reply to the entry. Use common sense. We don’t censor a lot of things, but actor bashing is unacceptable in this community.

8) Also, just as a personal preference, we will no longer allow color bar posts. There’s too many, and it’s a bit redundant and the true meaning behind them has been lost. Also, THEY’RE NOT ICONS!!

9) If you feel you should start your post with "these are bad, but I felt like posting them...", then you shouldn't be posting those icons.

10) No off-topic posts! If your post does not contain any icons you've made yourself, then your post will be deleted.

11) If you have a complaint about anything going on in the community, please contact one of the moderators.

12) This is not an icon-theft community. We strongly encourage crediting to the icon makers, but if you've made an icon and someone's stolen it without credit, this is not the place to complain about this. You may contact them privately, and politely ask for them to credit you in the keywords.

13) Only Harry Potter Icons may be posted! If your post includes any other themes, it will be deleted.

14) Only icons that you have made yourself may be posted. If you post icons that were not made by you, you will receive a warning, and your post will be deleted. If you do it again, you are at risk of being banned.

15) NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Any post including an ad or promo for another community will be immediately deleted.

16) "House icons" are no longer permitted to be posted in this community. Any posts containing house icons will be deleted. You can now post your house icons at hphouseicons.

17) In light of the Half Blood Prince being released in July, we request that you do not post any icons outside of a cut that contain spoilers. If your post does include icons that could be spoilers, make sure to put a warning outside your cut. Spoilers include the book covers, new excerpts, any character death rumours, etc. For more information on this, see this post.

18) Do not link to a locked post in your own journal, or expect members to join your icon comm. to see your icons. If you are linking to a separate icon post, it must be public.

19) If you have any more questions, check out the Community FAQ's!

20) No llamas.


(If you are going to e-mail one of the mods of this community, make sure you include your LJ username in the e-mail)
Mod 1) euterpeslullaby - e-mail
Mod 2) lemontart - e-mail
Mod 3) hecatesknickers - e-mail

The current community layout is the winner in our Yule Ball layout contest, created by leucocrystal, with faceon's overrides.





If you would like to affiliate us, please contact one of the mods, and we'll take care of it ASAP. When affiliating or linking to us, you may use a text link such as this:

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